8:30am- Registration

8:50am- Welcome

9:00am- Chest pain risk stratification- Who is really trying to infarct? Dr Dion Stubb, Interventional Cardiologist, The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Vic

9:40am- STEMI Update 2015: New trials, new guidelines and clinical pearls.

10:20am- Morning Tea

10:50am- Chest pain: Don't be fooled by aortic dissection- a surgeons view: Professor David McGriffin, Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery, The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Vic

1050am: STEMI Update 2015: 

1140am: Clinical Cases: Manage your patient with the experts. Dr Dion Stubb, Professor David McGriffin, Dr Gautam Vaddadi, Dr Lucia Le-Kim

1240pm: LUNCH (Hot buffet)

200pm: Syncope Cases: Pearls and Pitfalls. Dr Gautam Vaddadi, Consultant Cardiologist, Northern Health and The Alfred, Melbourne, Vic

300pm: Atrial Fibrillation: drugs, anti-coagulation and electricity- help me choose! Dr Manoj Obeysekhere, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist, Northern Health and Cabrini Hospital, Melbourne, Vic

350pm: Afternoon Tea

410pm: ECG Workshop: Everything you need to know. Dr Manoj Obeysekhere, Dr Swati Mukherjee

530pm: Conference Close

Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability
— Sir William Osler, 1849 to 1919


  • Case based learning
  • Practical
  • ECG workshop with workbook to help master the art of interpretation
  • Content designed for you by experts in cardiology and emergency medicine
  • We focus on the clinically challening aspects of emergency cardiology